Everything about Entrepreneurship


Even when the falcon cannot hear the falconer, even when things fall apart, even when the center can never hold and even mere anarchy is laid upon the world, entrepreneurship will strive and keep striving to higher hight. In affirmation to Maltusian theory of population, the geometrical growth rate of population in relation to the below arithmetical growth rate of resources in not a monopoly of any particular geographical location but a global trend.

China and India succeeded in putting this theory/assertion to shame. This fiat was actually achieved via human capacity development which translate what entrepreneurship is all about. We are certified entrepreneurs and our Passion is centered around value addition

Symposium, exhibition and official flagging up

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur ? Be a part of this life changing event that is designed to transform and add numerous values to the lives of all participants .

Come and see innovation and creativity on display from graduates and even students from the department of entrepreneurship studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

We will make a difference, entrepreneurship is here and it is here to stay.

Creativity and innovation for self reliance

Note admission is free!